Sunday, September 25, 2011


These tags were my first ones that I made.

Altered journal

I made this from a book that I had around the house.Thought it would be a nice gift to give to someone.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Working on

This is a green card I made for a color challenge on creating a crafty life.
I made this blue/brown/cream coloured canvas wall hanging for a friend.The bingo card comes out so that she can put a picture on the back.This one got featured as well on creating a crafty life.Was excited about that.I really like how this turned out.

This is also a canvas wall hanging I did.Painted it black and put paper on it and I fussy cutted the keys and the eifel tower and I added some flowers and some lace trim and even a butterfly.I think it turned out all right.

I made these flowers from some material I had laying around and added feathers and pearl beads on a string

I made this tag from peices of scrapes I had around and I added a button.I really like how this turned out.
I bought this frame at a thrift store and all I did was paint the inside gold and I embossed the butterfly in black and I used white alpha stickers from close to my heart and then I painted a flower and added a flower center.


Let's Dream....

"If a little dreaming is dangerous,the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more;to dream all the time."

It's day 2 on the countdown-its time to DREAM......

Do you dream?When?At night?During the day?Do you remember your dreams?Do you PLAY with them?

How do your dreams impact on your Being?I have somanyquestions and thoughts about dreaming-where to begin?I do believe that I dream all the time especially as I get older and the more I pay attention to and record my dreams.Its as if the night dreams flow into the daydreams and circle back again.

I love my dreams-they are a language with which I communicate with thedeeper partsofmyself.I have night dreams with recurringimages:shoes,telephones,place I've lived,houses,special dresses,sweet angels loving and protecting me,I am often flying or trying to "get home."In one of my favorite dreams I am walking in a "Kansas desert" -up ahead I see a rooftop peeking out of the sand-I climb into the "attic window"-inside it is filled with baskets and pretty boxes of beautiful stones,colorful rainbows of ribbons and lovely little treasures-blue eggs in tiny nests,etc. ...simple,beautiful,sensual things.I've included some recent dream houses and other aspects ofmy DREAMing-enjoy and sweet dreams.

"Imagine all the people living in peace...You may say I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one-I hope someday you will join us and the world be as one.  

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This for thought

It occured to me today,with more impact than on other days,that life is good.I know this intellectually,but on some days I am reminded maybe a little more that this is truth by really feeling it in my heart.

What brought this about?I'm not sure exactly,but maybe it was the conversation I had with a good friend,someone who I care deeply for who encourges me and makes me feel good about myself.Maybe it was the kind gesture I witnessed between a young person and the elderly lady whoneeded help reaching the highest shelf in the grocery store.Maybe it was the card I received,offering me kind words for being who I am.Maybe it was just the thoughtfulness of someone who just said,"thanks and I really appreciate you!"

Maybe it was just that I saw beauty in giving of oneself,ever so small,to make another person happy.

Mark Twain said,"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear,and the blind can read."

Find a way this week to do something kind for someone else.Send a card,make a call,help someone in need,or just buy a coffee for the person in line behind you!Find a way to reach out and let me know about it!I will do the same and post any of my experiences.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Few things I am working on

Right now I am in a few swaps over on minialbumscraps. You should check these ladies out they are wonderful and very talented.We are making mini albums and I am also in a bottle swap.I am in also a few other swaps on youtube.So I am quite busy at the moment.


This a black and white tag I made.I also made the stick pin.


Here is a ATC I made

mini album

mini album
This is a christmas album that I have made..I mostly used Creative Memories papers and stickers and then I used other embellishments from other companies.

Mini album swap

Mini album swap
This is a paperbag mini I made ..Front cover

Inside front cover

Flap with tag.

Other side of flap.

Next page with a homemade book.

Other side with tag.

Inside of back cover.


Friends album that I made out of paper bags..

I love fairies!!!!!

I love fairies!!!!!
Winter fairy.


I get inspired with old looking things and I love this old typewriter..

Girl Talk

Girl Talk
Its so nice when you get together with the girls and have fun..